Wolverley & Cookley Parish Council Meeting – Tuesday 1st March 2022

Wolverley & Cookley Parish Council Meeting – Tuesday 1st March 2022




  1. To consider the acceptance of apologies for absence from Councillors and approve reasons for absence.


  1. Declarations of Councillors Interests
  2. Register of Interests: Councillors are reminded to complete and need to regularly update their register of interests.
  3. To declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests in items on the agenda and their nature.
  4. To declare any Other Disclosable Interests (Pecuniary or Non-Pecuniary) in items on the agenda and their nature.


Councillors who have declared a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest or Other Disclosable (Pecuniary or Non-Pecuniary) Interest which falls within the Code of Conduct (para 12 (4) (b) must leave the room for the relevant items.

Failure to register or declare a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest may result in the commission of a criminal offence.


The meeting will now be adjourned for PUBLIC QUESTION TIME


Members of the public are invited to give their views and question the Council on items on the agenda or raise issues for future consideration at the discretion of the Chairman. Members of the public may not take part in the Council Meeting itself. The time allocated is at the discretion of the Chairman.


The meeting now reconvened to conduct the items of business listed below.


  1. To consider the adoption of the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 1st February 2022 at 7.00pm (minutes previously circulated).


Matters for Discussion / Decision.


  1. Police Report and review of Police Priorities.


  1. County / District Councillor Reports. Reports circulated prior to the meeting, any questions on items in the report to be e mailed directly to the Councillors.


  1. To discuss proposed renovations to telephone box, New Road, Caunsall.


  1. Financial Matters:
  2. a) To agree recommendations from Grants Committee.
  3. b) To agree the schedule of cheques to be signed.


  1. Localism Proposals from Wyre Forest District Council.


  1. Contracts:
    1. Grass Cutting
    2. Bin Emptying/Litter Picking
    3. Lengthsman


  1. To discuss condition of bins in the Parish.


  1. To discuss Lea Castle Village Wider Site Update following meeting 28th


  1. To discuss action on Street Lighting Columns.


  1. Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – Events/Tree Planting.


  1. Planning Applications for Consideration: –

PC No            WFDC No/Details

3604               22/0087/TCA: Yew (T1) Remove deadwood.  Oak (T2) Reduce height of tree by 2/3 metres, shortening back side limbs that have over extended beyond rest of crown. Yew (T3) Tip reduction by 1m.  Yew (T4) Remove deadwood. Yew (T5) Remove. 3 x Yew (G1) Remove and replace at West Wing, Wolverley Village.


3605               22/0105/HOU: Proposed relocation of an existing bedroom from the existing house into a refurbished garage/annex building.  To be used solely by the existing dwelling as an annexed dwelling at Rose Cottage, Wolverhampton Road, Island Pool, Cookley.


3606               21/1065/HOU: Ground floor side extension to form sun room and tv lounge at Hillcrest, Wolverhampton Road, Island Pool, Cookley.


3607               22/0066/FUL: Continuation of the use of the site as a commercial equestrian facility at Spring Paddock, Horseley Hill Farm, Horseley Hills Lane, Wolverley.


3608               22/0130/AG: Extension to existing agricultural building to be used for storage of fodder and machinery at land at Highlow Nurseries, Franche Road, Wolverley.



Parish Matters for Update Only – no decisions required.

  1. Clerks Report. (Clerk) Appeal Decision Wyre Mill Cottage, Wolverley, Decision Notices – 21/1026, 21/0990/S73, 21/1125, 22/0017, Extension Notice – Footpath WC-602 (part) Wolverley & Cookley.
  2. Update on Lengthsman. (RD/WS)
  3. Update on Cookley/Caunsall Neighbourhood Plan. (DJ)
  4. New Issues / Items for Next Meeting. (All)
  5. Date of Next Meeting – to confirm the date of the next meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday 5th April 2022.

Minutes of meeting 1st February 2022


Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council

Held on Tuesday 1st February 2022,7.00pm at Wolverley Church Hall



Mr D Jones (Chairman)

Mrs V Bordewich

Mr A Carloss

Mr D Cox

Mr R Drew

Mr J Hart

Mr M Hart

Mrs L Jones

Mr B McFarland

Mr C Nicholls

Mr C Sherrey

Mr S Sherrey

Mr W Southam

Mr J Wood


County Councillor:                     Ian Hardiman

District Councillors:                 Ian Hardiman, Marcus Hart, Lisa Jones

West Mercia Police:                 PCSO Becky Ruston


  1. Apologies.

No Apologies.


  1. Declarations of Councillors Interests
  2. Register of Interests: Councillors are reminded to complete and need to regularly update their register of interests.
  3. To declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests in items on the agenda and their nature.
  4. To declare any Other Disclosable Interests (Pecuniary or Non-Pecuniary) in items on the agenda and their nature.

No Interests Declared.


The meeting will now be adjourned for PUBLIC QUESTION TIME:


A resident from New Road, Caunsall put forward a proposal on behalf of the New Road Residents committee regarding the renovation of the telephone box at the bottom of New Road next to The Anchor Pub.  They propose to repair and paint the box and use it for a book exchange.  They would also like to have a plaque celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee situated on the wall to the side of the box and the new defibrillator that is due to be installed.  They provided costings (approx £215.00) and asked for the Parish Council to support and fund this project.  Chairman thanked the resident and advised this will be put on the next agenda for discussion by Full Council.


  1. To consider the adoption of the minutes of the meeting held on 4th January 2022 at 7.00pm.

These having previously been circulated, it was resolved unanimously to receive and adopt the minutes as a true record of the meeting.


Matters for Discussion / Decision.


  1. Police Report

Written report circulated.


The Crescent, Cookley Police Ref 00214_I_05012021 – At approx. 12.30pm on 5th January 2022 a Citroen Berlingo van has been stolen from this location, with the keys.


Castle Road, COOKLEY – Police ref 00329_I_17122021 – Between 10:30 and 14:30hrs on 17th January unknown persons have gained access to a parked, locked work van and stolen toolboxes, multiple tools and power tools. No further descriptions have been given at this time.


Staite Drive, Cookley – Police Ref; 00444_I_12012022 – Early morning of 13th January at approx 13.30am a Range Rover has had the driver’s window smashed with an attempt to steal the vehicle. This has caused damage to the bodywork.


Police Ref; 00034_I_06012022 – Vehicle Stolen Lionfields Road, Cookley – Sometime between 23:00hrs on 05/01/2022 and 03:15 hrs on 06/01/2022 a black Fiat 5oo has been stolen.  The vehicle was parked secure and unattended on Lionfields Road in Cookley.  Registration similar to SA** A**




Burglary – Austcliffe Road – Police Ref 00264_I_08012022 – A property in this location has been broken into sometime between new year eve and today. The occupant was away at the time. Access has been gained through a rear window. A TV, Radio and Jewellery has all been stolen


Police Ref; 00019_I_20012022 Burglary – Wolverley Road


Sometime between 00:00hrs and 07:30hrs on 20/01/2022 persons unknown have entered a garage and taken a light from within worth approx. £30.


A summer house has also been broken into but nothing taken.  CCTV has captured x4 males wearing jogging bottoms and hoodies.


Police Ref; 471_I_20012022 Burglary Non Dwelling – Lowe Lane


Sometime between 08:10hrs 19/01/2022 and 08:00hrs 20/0120222 a detached garage has been broken into by means unknown.  Entry has been gained and 2, 5 litre containers of motor oil, x 3, 5 litre containers of screen wash have been stolen. 2 suspicious males have been seen walking down the street in the proximity of the garage around 1645 hrs (description-  taller one, F508, other shorter, taller male wearing black puffa jacket, black balaclava covering face, black trousers, black gloves, shorter male F506, wearing slightly lighter puffa style jacket, scarf around his face, black gloves, lighter coloured shoes which were DC type.


We held a Bike Marking event at the Lock Public House on Sunday 16th January – over 50 bikes were security marked


Monday 17th January saw the start of our “week of Action” across Wyre Forest where various operations took place along with partner agencies.  These included Speed enforcement.  Working with the DVSA and identifying unroadworthy Vehicles and reporting vehicles for no tax/insurance etc.  We also attended various  Community events that were being held throughout the week.


As part of the Parish Priorities, we have continued to provide increased patrols in order to deter anti-social behaviour.


I have also attached some leaflets in relation to Op Prospero.  If these could be distributed anywhere you think would be suitable or even forwarded to anyone you know to help get the message across it would be greatly appreciated.  The more people we can reach the less chance these scammers have of getting hold of people’s money.  Details below.


****************SCAM ALERT**************


#SCAM 🚩 | We’ve received reports of calls in #Worcestershire, where fraudsters are impersonating police officers and telling victims that their bank cards have been used to make payments without their knowledge.


This is a scam. Police officers will never ask for your bank details over the phone or ask you to transfer money.


PCSO Ruston confirmed that enquiries are ongoing with regard to body found in the canal at Wolverley and incident at Attwood Close, Wolverley therefore no details can be given at this time.


Cllr Cox advised of ongoing incidents around Eleanor Harrison Drive area.  Police are aware and working behind the scenes.


  1. County / District Councillor Reports.

County Cllr Ian Hardiman’s Report


Lea Castle farm Quarry Application:  I was informed on Tuesday 25th January by the County Council’s Development Manager that whilst he had hoped to be confirming that the Quarry Application would be considered at the scheduled 8th February Planning Committee Meeting, unfortunately he was now being required to carry out new further searches and likely further consultations which will delay the application being ready for the February meeting. Such are the expected delays that it may not even be possible to present the application for the scheduled May Committee meeting!


Lea Lane Landslip:  , I am still awaiting Highways’ response on when the restoration works will commence.

Regarding the collapsed wall, Highways are happy for the wall owner to proceed with reconstruction; however the District Council’s Development Manager is to be involved in agreeing some adjustments to the works which are being requested by the owner.


Cookley, Castle Road Vehicle Speeding /  Pedestrian Crossing Consideration:  Highways Engineer Paul Green and I met with Parish Cllr Dean Cox on Thursday 27th January: Paul Green has agreed to discuss both issues with Highway Safety & Projects colleagues and refer back as soon as possible.


Wolverley, Highlow Bank Pavement Issues:  I am pleased that the District Council’s Operational Services have now attended to the need for thorough cleansing & sweeping of this heavily mudded & leaved pavement.


A451 Stourbridge Road Speeding:  I recently met with Paul Green to consider possible engineering measures for this location;  I am awaiting feedback on this.

Caunsall Pavement Resurfacing:  I am grateful for Highways’ recent repairs and resurfacing and kerbing of the pavement carried out by the Rock Cottages and around the Corner of Kinver Lane.  This has been promised for more than a year but a good quality job has now thankfully been completed.


Caunsall, Historic River Bridge repairs and restoration: I have been updated by the County’s Countryside Services Manager that whereas he had hoped to complete this project by February, it is now likely to be Springtime when it is completed.


Kingsford Lane Flooding: I am pleased that County Highways have carried out essential upgrading of the Road Drainage in the known frequently flooded section of Kingsford Lane opposite property “Bryn Avon”; hopefully this will prevent the serious flooding which typically has covered more than half of the road’s width here.


Caunsall Road Brick Bridge over the River:  I am pleased that a Highways Team is presently repairing this bridge which experienced a vehicle collision causing capping stones to be dislodged and broken; new matching stones have been made and are now being installed.


District Councillors Report

Cllr M Hart reported;


Local Issues


We have been dealing with the usual routine casework, reporting litter and fly tipping on the main A roads and along the country lanes. In particular on the A451 from the Park Gate PH to the Churchill and Blakedown PC border.


We are dealing with a number of planning enforcement issues at present.


Firstly, in respect of the field by Brookfield Cottage, Lowe Lane, we are advised that the bricks in the field are to be removed within the next 7 days, that was on 21st January and as I type this they are still there so will be saying to WFDC that enough is enough enforcement action must be taken.


Secondly in the field on the opposite side of the road where there are lots of wooden pallets constantly stored up, enforcement have said they feel this is acceptable as the owner says all of the wood is stored up and used on site for chippings on the field as it is muddy and it is to allow vehicles to get to the paddocks. Enforcement say that on this basis there is no change of use. We are challenging this view now.


We have also asked enforcement to ensure that The Retreat, Lowe Lane is purely being used as a holiday let. The team are investigating.


Regarding the K9 Pawfection business in Drakelow Lane, officers are taking the necessary action at WFDC. Also there are noise complaints from local residents and we would encourage members of the public to complain to WRS so this can be logged and investigated.


The Red Lion PH planning application is still to be determined.


We have been invited to an update meeting with the developers of the Lea Castle Village development.


We have been allocating our WFDC community leadership fund to organisations and good causes within the village.


We have been in liaison with officers regarding various applications for variation of conditions at Drakelow Tunnells. These don’t come to the Parish Council ordinarily as determination of conditions are delegated to officers. However, Paul Round at WFDC has said they will listen to any views we or the Parish Council have. We indicated we were not at all happy with the fencing proposals. As we write this, we are awaiting a formal update from officers.


Wyre Forest Issues


Wyre Forest House is still closed to the public as is the Green Street Hub save for dealing with housing and homelessness applications.


The Progressive Alliance have increased car parking charges throughout the district.  Season tickets are going to be increased by a staggering 50% from £400 to £600 for an annual pass and an OAP’s pass from £175 to £200, an increase of nearly 15%.  Pay and display charges are going up by 10%.


We feel that there should be a greater element of free car parking within our three towns, sadly the Progressive Alliance removed all of this some time ago.  This is an executive function ie taken by the Leader or the Cabinet and this decision cannot be reversed by elected members at the Full Council Meeting.


The District Council has launched a consultation on proposals to introduce new policies in relation to their hackney carriage (taxi) and private hire functions.  There are a number of recommendations to help keep children and vulnerable adults safe.   Full details of the consultation, including the link to enable residents to provide their views online, can be found by visiting (consultations and e-petitions – Wyre Forest District Council).  This consultation will remain open for responses until 14 February 2022.


The District Council are still proposing that Parish Councils take on litter picking and bin emptying but with no grant from WFDC. We totally oppose this.


The District Council will set its budget on 23rd February. Council tax is proposed to increase by the maximum it can £5.


For those areas outside the 3 towns, WFDC have given notice to WCC that as of 31st March 2022 they won’t cut the grass and this will affect those Parishes in Wyre Forest where WCC has granted the money to WFDC and then WFDC has had localism agreements with the Parish Council to cut the grass.


  1. Financial Matters:
  2. HSBC Banking Arrangements.


Clerk outlined that HSBC have now introduced charges to run the Parish Council bank accounts.  CS recommended the Council stay with them for 12 months until the sector has settled and then consider options. This was agreed.


  1. Recommendations from Grants Committee.


The Grants Committee had met and recommended to Full Council £450 to Wolverley Church Hall and £450.00 to Cookley Primary School in lieu of rent for meetings in 21/22.  This was agreed.


  1. Agreed the following schedule of cheques be approved.


63             Mrs B J Drew                                                                                                    1067.71

(Salary January 2022)


64             Wolverley Church Hall                                                                                     450.00

(Meetings 21/22)


65             WCC – Cookley School                                                                                     450.00

(Meetings 21/22)


66             Mrs B J Drew                                                                                                    15.99



67             Mrs B J Drew                                                                                                    42.72

(Parish Grit)


68             Defibrillator                                                                                                      1920.00

(Anchor – Caunsall)


69             DM Payroll Services Ltd                                                                                 90.00

(Administration of Payroll21/22 second half year)


70             Lorraine Neal                                                                                                     300.00

(Lengthsman January 2022)


  1. Localism Proposals from Wyre Forest District Council.


Cllr C Sherrey advised that a meeting was held last week with representatives from Wyre Forest District Council.


The Parish Council has advised they do not wish to take on the woods at Drakelow Lane and Lea Lane but will consider Cookley Allotments but need clarification as the existing lease covers three areas (Cookley, Franche and Salisbury Drive). WFDC will come back to us.


Regarding bin emptying/litter picking Cllr M Hart negotiated very strongly on behalf of the Parish Council re-iterating this is a Statutory Duty of the District Council.  The Parish asked for an ongoing grant, CS suggested between 30% and 50% may be acceptable.  We are awaiting a revised offer.


Grass Cutting – County are paying.


  1. Contracts:
  2. a) Grass Cutting

Cllr C Sherrey advised of meeting held with Contractor, Mr Keith Basketfield to discuss Grass Cutting Contract.

A one year rolling contract was agreed at £688.00 per cut.  Cutting area in Wolverley has been amended due to wildflower areas which do not need cutting. Spraying around posts was discussed and all agreed he should not do this but should strim.  It was proposed Cllr R Drew, seconded Cllr S Sherrey and agreed to renew contract on this basis.


  1. b) Bin Emptying/Litter Picking

Cllr C Sherrey advised of meeting held with Contractor, Mr & Mrs Dale to discuss Bin Emptying/Litter Picking Contract.  They have confirmed they would like to continue with the contract.  They have been advised the Parish Council are drawing up a provisional contract but are awaiting negotiations with WFDC before this can be agreed and signed.  They agreed provisionally a one year rolling contract with a 9.2% increase on April 2019 figures.  It was proposed Cllr R Drew, seconded Cllr S Sherrey and agreed to accept the provisional draft with a view to finalising after negotiations with WFDC are complete.


  1. c) Lengthsman

Cllr R Drew advised that this contract ends 31st March.  It was agreed to offer a further one-year contract to the Contractor, Lorraine Neal, meeting to be arranged to discuss this.


  1. To agree additional Gateways / Planters in the Parish.

            Cllr D Jones advised 2 gateways required in Kinver Lane, Caunsall. Paul Green has confirmed he is happy with the locations.


Cllr R Drew advised of meeting between Cllr Hardiman, M Hart, Clerk and Paul Green to look at further gateways in Wolverley, near the new Weavers Chase development and coming from Kidderminster to Wolverley before the Sion Hill School development.


It was proposed Cllr S Sherrey, seconded Cllr J Hart and unanimously agreed Cllr Drew will meet with Chairman to agree size and location of Caunsall gateways and then place order for all gateways.  RXM who provide cleaning of the gateways will install for £90.00 per gateway and this was agreed.  Budget is available from this financial year.  Cllr M Hart to investigate supplier for signs.


  1. To discuss Vehicular Activated Sign for Parish.

Cllr R Drew advised that speeding is a constant problem in the Parish and regularly raised at Parish Council meetings. There is now a new, much more sophisticated type of Vehicle activated sign that has a lithium battery option for better life and a data collection unit which can collate information on speeds.  This is being used by several of our neighbouring parishes.


The sign can be attached to Street Lighting columns and can be easily rotated around the Parish by the Lengthsman.


After much discussion all agreed this was an excellent idea and it was proposed Cllr C Sherrey, seconded Cllr B McFarland and unanimously agreed that the Parish Council should proceed to order one.  Budget will be shared from monies remaining in each village improvement budget (approx. cost £3500/£4000).  County Councillor Ian Hardiman confirmed he would contribute £1500.00 to this.  It was agreed Cllr R Drew choose design of sign as there are various options.



  1. To discuss proposed electricity reinforcement – Upper Lea Cottages, Cookley Playing Fields – Wayleave Agreement.

Cllr C Nicholls stated this is essential work and proposed the Parish Council accept and sign the Wayleave Agreement.  This was seconded Cllr Cox and unanimously agreed.


  1. To discuss Footpath diversion order (Public Footpath 628 (c) (part) (Wolverley and Cookley).

            Noted – no objections.


  1. To discuss Kidderminster North various proposed 40mph speed limits TRO (initial consultation).

            Noted – no objections.


  1. To discuss Lea Castle Village Wider Site Update – Meeting Offer.

            Cllr M Hart advised that the District Councillors have a meeting arranged to discuss this.


It was agreed Clerk arrange meeting for Parish Councillor – Chair/Vice Chair, Cllr V Bordewich and D Cox to attend.


  1. To discuss any recommendations from Risk Committee.

Cllr J Hart reported on recent meeting of the Risk Committee where the recent KIWA report on street lighting columns was discussed.  Due to the number of columns identified as needing replacement and the costs involved with this the Risk Committee recommend to Full Council that an independent survey is undertaken.  Clerk awaiting communication from James Douglas, WCC Street Lighting to discuss and arrange this.


  1. To discuss action on Street Lighting Columns.

            Re agenda for next month.


  1. Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – Events/Tree Planting.

Cllr Cox advised Cookley have now set up a small jubilee committee with a view to doing a mini carnival on Sunday 5th June, this would start at Steel Stampings, go around the village and finish at Cookley School with stalls/events on the field.


Cllr R Drew advised that Wolverley village have a committee and are looking to have various celebrations including maypole, Derby Hat Parade, Screening of Derby, Brass Band Concert and “The Big Lunch” event.


Cllr J Wood advised of tree planting by Cookley Village Hall and Playing Fields.


Grants were discussed and it was agreed Cllr D Cox and R Drew pursue an application with WCC.


  1. Planning Applications for Consideration: –

PC No     WFDC No/Details


21/0845/FUL: RECONSULTATION – Demolition of existing building and erection of 4 dwelling houses with private parking and amenity space at former Red Lion, 70 Castle Road, Cookley.  Re-iterate original recommendation of refusal.  Wolverley & Cookley Parish Council still Recommend Refusal of this application. The Red Lion is a former public house built around 1830 and is a historic heritage asset which the Parish Council feel should be retained and converted sympathetically to retain the character of the former public house. The Parish Council agree with the comments from WCC Archive & Archaeology regarding supporting the retention and conversion of heritage assets. The proposals are not in keeping with the local area and street scene. In addition the Parish Council have the same concerns on parking and highways issues raised by WCC Highways Authority in their latest comments.


3599        21/1190/TCA: Reduce Holly, Hawthorn and Oak to height of the hedge, Remove 2 x dead Elm trees at 3 Upper Lea Cottages, Lea Lane, Cookley.   Already approved.


3600        22/0003/FUL: Single storey rear extension to form consultation room at 1 Lea Lane, Cookley. There was much discussion on this application and it was unanimously agreed;


Wolverley and Cookley Parish Council strongly Recommend Approval for this application for a very modest single story rear extension to provide a much needed extra consultation room at the Surgery.

With the addition of 600 homes on the Lea Castle development there will be an increased number of patients needing to use this vital rural Medical Practice located in the Parish.

Although there is limited parking on the existing site and on road, there is ample free parking in Cookley Village, only a couple of minutes walk from the Surgery. This is at the Car Park in Austcliffe Road and also in front of the pub, cafe and former Post Office in Bridge Road.

The addition of one extra consultation room will not significantly increase staffing and patient levels and is therefore not a highway issue.


The Parish Council do not agree with the comments from the Highways Authority and re-iterate Recommendation of Approval.


3601         22/0010/FUL: Proposed two bedroomed bungalow at 1 Fairfield Lane, Wolverley.  Recommend Approval subject to the conditions made by the Highways Authority (WCC) being met.


3602        22/0017/HOU: Proposed porch at 53 Castle Road, Cookley. Recommend Approval.


3603        22/1200/OUT: Erection of three dwellings, garages and associated operational development at Brown Westhead Park, Wolverley. Recommend Approval.


Parish Matters for Update Only – no decisions required.

  1. Clerks Report. (Clerk) Decision Notices – 21/0889, 21/0895, 21/1078, 21/1109, 21/1113, 21/1185, 21,1190.Planning Training – slides of presentation are available from Clerk.
  2. Update on Lengthsman. (RD/WS) WS just re-filled grit bins this month, RD done grit bins and work on mill race.
  3. New Issues / Items for Next Meeting. (All) Update on Cookley Neighbourhood Plan.
  4. Date of Next Meeting – to confirm the date of the next meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday 1st March 2022.





Meeting closed 8.40pm

District councillors report

Local Issues


We have been dealing with the usual routine casework, fly tipping and litter picking on the main A roads and along the country lanes.  Fly Tipping which was garden waste in black bags was removed from Lea Lane.  The pavement at the bottom of Bridge Road into Caunsall is to be cleaned as its quite muddy, unfortunately this has been delayed due to the operatives assisting with the flooding, however, we have chased this with Green Street who have scheduled the area to be cleaned as soon as possible.


We have an online Teams meeting this Wednesday with the Development Team on the Lea Castle Village development for an update on Phases One and Two.  We will update the council in due course.


Regarding the Red Lion Planning Application, this is continuing to be processed by Officers, we will keep you updated.


Enforcement Issues 


The Old Post Office, Cookley – This is ongoing, we are continuing to work closely with officers to restore the shopfront to its original design.  We will update you in due course.


Land off Drakelow Lane K9 Pawfection – This came to the Planning Committee meeting in February and an Enforcement Notice has been issued.


Drakelow Tunnels Fencing, Kingsford Lane – V Mesh fencing has been fitted, this has been decided by officers to be best option as it is a chain-link fence and will prevent the requirement to remove additional trees which was required to abide by the original landscaping plan.  The fencing cannot be put any further back as it would also require the removal of more trees.


Lowe Lane, Wolverley – The officer has again spoken to the landowner regarding the bricks on the track and have advised that an enforcement notice will be issued if this continues.  They maybe using them to re-establish a track, but this may need a planning application, she will advise them accordingly.




Local Issues – Enforcement Issues – Continued 


Lowe Lane, Wolverley – The officer has also spoken to the Leaseholder regarding the wood and believes that this is being used on the land, unless we have evidence that this is not the case, they cannot pursue any further action.


The Retreat, Wolverley – The Officer has spoken to the owner who has confirmed that the property has not been let out for the last two years but is used by him and his wife for holidays.  She has checked the conditions and they are not in any breach of conditions as long as the property is empty for the equivalent of one month of the year.  We will update you with any further information that arises from this investigation.


Wyre Forest District Issues

Wyre Forest House is still closed to the public as is the Green Street Hub save for dealing with housing and homelessness applications.


Members approved the Council tax for 2022-2023.  This includes the 2.23% increase £5 on a Band D property at £229.34 in the District Council’s element of Council Tax, as recommended by Cabinet on 8 February 2022, the precepts and council tax increases in the elements of Council Tax set by the following bodies :-


Worcestershire County Council 3.94% (of which 3% is being ringfenced to fund adult social care) £52.95.


West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner 3.94% – £9.47.

Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Authority 1.96% – £1.72


With the rising energy bills the Government has announced support with a one-off payment of £150 rebate for Council Taxpayers in bands A-D.  The Council is urging residents to sign up to the scheme and pay their bill by Direct Debit.


The Councils Budget for 2022-2025 was approved and Capital Strategy for 2022-2032.  The Progressive Alliance Budget includes the closing of the Small Business Grant scheme, to end the support of sport and leisure facilities from April 2023 phasing out involvement in Bewdley Leisure Centre and Stourport Sports Club.  This was approved by 17 votes to 16!


Members Community funding will be reduced from £1,000 per annum to £500 in the financial year 2022-2023 and Nil thereafter.


The Parliamentary Boundary Commission consultation for 2023 in underway, proposals for the district include changing the constituency name from Wyre Forest to Kidderminster, residents have until Monday 4 April to send in their comments.  The website for this is:- bcereviews.org.uk


If you have any issues, you would like us to deal with, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Yours sincerely



Cllr. Marcus J Hart

Cllr. Ian D Hardiman

Cllr. Lisa J Jones

Wyre Forest Rural Ward Councillors

County councillors report

1st March 2022, County Cllr Ian Hardiman’s Report to Wolverley & Cookley Parish Council


Lea Castle Farm Quarry Application:  Since my Report in February, I have still not received a further update from the County Council’s Planning & Development Manager as to when this application will be considered.


Lea Lane Landslip:  Still, I am unaware of when the restoration works will commence.

I have been chasing the County Council’s Legal Department asking them to bring their negotiations to a conclusion.


Wolverley, Highlow Bank Pavement Issues: Having reported last month that the District Council had carried out cleansing and sweeping of this pavement,  I have now received further complaints that following the recent bad weather the pavement is again mudded and debris-covered, and difficult for pedestrians.

I have reported this again to the District Council and have discussed this with Highways Engineer Paul Green who has requested a priority siding-out project to correct the overgrowth that is narrowing the pavement creating walking difficulties for pedestrians.


Cookley, Zebra-Crossing Lines Faded:  I have requested repainting of the zebra crossing lines in the   interest of safety.


Wolverley, Highway Safety Improvements, for  Secondary School pupils:  In addition to the recently installed railings and crossing point to improve safety for pupils when leaving school, a dozen bollards have now been installed in the pavement opposite the school entrance and two bollards necessarily to prevent vehicle parking near to the dropped kerbs now present. In addition, necessary tarmac resurfacing has been carried out in the entrance to the Shortyard.


Blakeshall, Snake Lane Large Potholes Rubble and Road Flooding:The ongoing issues here have again caused concerns; indeed I drove my car into this lane and found that the surface water was so deep that I had some difficulty in proceeding along here.  Highways Engineer Paul Green was with me at the time and so gained experience of the recurring issues which he has now promised will be fully investigated.  I have informed the local residents who brought this to my attention.

Wolverley, Gully outside Hardwicks business:  I have again emphasised to the Highways Department that this gully is just not performing satisfactorily and is allowing flooding to occur frequently at this point creating a serious hazard for motorists.

Schedule Of Accounts





Ref       Payee                                                                             Amount (£)


70             Mrs B J Drew                                                                                                    1067.71

(Salary February 2022)


71              Mrs B J Drew                                                                                                    20.19                                                              (Ink/Stamps)


72             Lorraine Neal                                                                                                     300.00

(Lengthsman February 22 plus fuel for strimmer)                                       8.15


73             Worcestershire County Council                                                                    11305.51

(Street Lighting Initiative 20/21)


74             Glasdon UK Limited                                                                                          3715.93



75             RXM                                                                                                                     450.00

(Gateway Installation)


76             Amberol   Limited                                                                                              875.40



77             Westcotec                                                                                                          4710.00

(Speed Sign)


78             Boston Seeds                                                                                                     304.50

(Platinum Jubilee Wildflower Seed/Grass Seed)


79             Hire It                                                                                                                 97.50



80             Gardens4Less                                                                                                    840.00

(2 x Oak Benches)





***81        Queens Platinum Jubilee Grant                                                                     250.00



***82       Queens Platinum Jubilee Grant                                                                     250.00



*** Subject to approval by Full Council

Lengthman's activity


Tuesday 5th April 2022


Cookley Sebright Primary School

David Jones
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